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Alamo Chapter of the APA - Celebrity Rhyme

By Tony Brigmon, Ambassador of FUN

It's true, no matter where you go, there you are.
And we're all here at the Oktoberfest Payroll Seminar.
Those year-end closing reports can wait for another day in the sun.
Meanwhile, sit back, relax, put your worries down and let's have a little fun.
I know you have your sources of stress. That's what "forms" are for.
Like the 940-41, W-2, I-9 and, oh yeah, the W-4. You have more than your share of acronyms, please don't ask me why.
You have the FLSA, the DOL, not to mention the SUI. And there's the SSA, the IRS and the lovely FMLA.
And you gotta love good old FUTA, or the FUTA. Deadlines can be a challenge, the federal and state regulations, too.
No anyone can do your job. It takes someone special like YOU.
I love that you do whatever it takes to get folks paid accurately and on time.
And I salute YOU with this down-home Alamo Chapter APA rhyme!