October 2017 Educational Meeting

October 19, 2017
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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Old San Francisco Steak House
10223 Sahara St.


Payroll in Global Markets
Speaker: Danita Lewis, Global Account Director--iiPay

Beef Kabob served with House Traditional Spinach Salad, Wild Rice Pilaf, Honey Glazed Carrots, rolls and butter. Strawberry Shortcake will be served for dessert.

Managing the Top Challenges in Global Payroll

This session will explore global markets and the challenges they create for the payroll professional, as well as some successful approaches to help organizations survive, and even thrive, in the global market. 

As organizations grow and expand into additional countries, the need for the payroll professional to enhance their knowledge and skills increases quickly.  Many of the changes that come when a company expands into global markets may first rely on Human Resources for documentation, but there are challenges that directly impact the payroll professional and the way they work. We all understand that there are varying requirements in each state in the U.S.; join us at this event to learn more about the differences among various countries and jurisdictions around the world, and what’s required for compliant payroll. 

This course will include some specific information and updates such as:

  • Leave policies for France where citizens have the ability to earn 22 extra days off a year by working more than the standard 35-hour work week
  • Employment contracts for China and information on the mandatory a 13-month pay out for employees living in that country
  • eSocial - Brazil’s new digital system of reporting for social tax purposes
  • South Africa’s new (first ever) national minimum wage
  • Australia’s “single-touch payroll”
  • Canada
  • India – going cashless


Recent studies show that most companies are understaffed in payroll, and fewer than 40% are actually prepared with correct data when entering new markets.  In addition to the possibility of inaccurate or late payroll, companies run the risk of being non-compliant with the varying rules and regulations if they are not prepared.  Together, we will learn ways that the strategic payroll professional can help their company can avoid the pitfalls that are all too common, and instead meet the complex requirements of the global market today. 


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